Thursday, April 25, 2013

Art of the Day: "Eye Witness" Cuff by Megan Petersen

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 Megan Petersen's Etsy shop, MegansBeadedDesigns, is full of her beautifully handmade beaded jewelry. As I perusing through, though, I found this piece that I would highly consider wearable art. You can decide where the line should be drawn between jewelry and wearable art, but I personally found this piece a prime example of wearable art (as well as super evocative). Megan sent me a few words about herself and this crazy cool piece that she wanted to share with everyone...  
About the Piece
"I created this piece for a beading challenge last June with the theme "Mystery." Being a lover of all things terrifying, I took the graphic approach with my piece. I wanted to capture the horror of seeing something that cannot be unseen. I surrounded the glass eye cabochon (which I designed in Photoshop) with red toho seed beads to represent blood being spilled from a crime no one was supposed to witness."  
About Megan:
 "I am a graphic designer by day, and creator of beaded jewelry and accessories by every other time in-between. I love creating and designing unique pieces that help the wearer make a statement about herself. All of my beadwork is done completely by hand, one tiny bead at a time. You can learn more about me and explore my work at

Megan's Etsy shop: MegansBeadedDesigns  
MegansBeadedDesigns' Facebook page 
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Megan also has a few other shops on Etsy selling her other jewelry and graphic design work, make sure to check those out as well, you can find them via her Etsy about page.

P.S~ Yes, I just was imagining myself wearing this to a showing of The Hobbit
purely to freak people out. Smog is kindof cool after all, right? Who's with me?



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